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Basic course


STEFANO ANSELMO ACADEMY is the Make-Up Academy par excellence, founded by Maestro Stefano Anselmo, makeup artist with more than 55 years of career and creator of all the training methods used in the world of Make-Up and Beauty.

Stefano Anselmo's Method is the basis of all aesthetics schools and Make-Up academies; moreover, its entire series of books and text manuals provide didactic support recognized by hundreds of structures.

The Online Make-Up Artist Basic Course is a course designed for those who want to start familiarizing themselves with the fabulous world of Make-Up and for those who already work in the sector and want to perfect their skills in the field of Make-Up.

What are the advantages of an ONLINE Make-Up Basic Course?

- Fully customizable online lesson dates and times
- A professional teacher just for you who follows you live
- You can follow the lessons from the comfort of your home, with a PC and a good internet connection
- You can purchase the basic kit of the Academy's products or use your personal material
- You will study the exclusive Stefano Anselmo's Method and obtain the recognized Certificate

E’ possibile frequentare il corso base anche in SEDE.

The Basic Make-Up Course provides a complete and in-depth preparation on the basic techniques of corrective Make-Up for embellishment with the Stefano Anselmo method.

The main requirements to be able to access the path are the age of majority, a high school diploma of any address, passion and predisposition to work in a team.

The Basic Course develops in 20 or 40 hours, fully customizable on the basis of your availability in agreement with the teacher.

+ Extra 20 hours of online practice package to be purchased separately.

The study plan includes:

20 hour's package

  • General introduction: Make-Up as an optical illusion, lights and shadows, chiaroscuro
  • Color theory: warm and cold colors; the basic, compound and complementary colors
  • Introduction to the study of facial volumes
  • The study of the face in its three main aspects
  • Correction of irregular faces: where and when to shorten or lengthen
  • The eyebrows: structure of the eyebrow arch; the study of the shape in relation to the conformation of the face
  • Preparation of the base: choice of applicator tools; technique and methods of drafting
  • The choice of foundation: the face, the eye contour
  • The correction of bags, dark circles, discoloration and blemishes of various kinds
  • Special corrections with complementaries
  • Eye Make-Up: using the eyelash curler, applying mascara
  • The eye contour: chiaroscuro, shades and how to change their shape
  • The Make-Up of the mouth: morphological study, study of plans; definition of the lip contour
  • Lipstick: choice of color and method of application


Additional topics: 40 hour's package

  • Drawing. Objective: "learn to read the face"
  • Artificial eyelashes
  • Eyebrow hair removal
  • Make-Up for the day and Make-Up for the evening
  • The Make-Up for the wedding
  • Introduction to ethnic Make-Up


FINAL EXAM for evaluation and passing of the Course.

  • Diploma of Make-Up Artist & Hair Designer with international legal value
  • Certificate of professional competence from the Lombardy Region

The Study Paths are accredited by the Lombardy Region, and based on the provisions of the law in force; a Certificate of professional competence is issued with the Lombardy Region logo valid in Italy, Europe and for qualifications and degrees in the rest of the world, as a qualification recognized through the EQF system (European Qualification Framework - European Qualifications Framework).