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STEFANO ANSELMO ACADEMY is the Make-Up Academy par excellence, founded by Master Stefano Anselmo, makeup artist with more than 55 years of career and creator of all the training methods used in the world of Make-Up and Beauty.

Stefano Anselmo's Method is the basis of all aesthetics schools and Make-Up academies; moreover, its entire series of books and text manuals provide didactic support recognized by hundreds of structures.

The Masterclass is a specialization program designed for those who work in the sector and want to improve their skills in the field of Make-Up.

 You can choose only one theme at once, concerning any topic related to beauty and Make-Up.

- Customizable dates and hours of lessons
- A professional teacher just for you who follows you step by step
- You create the study plan! (Specialization on a theme of your choice)
- You can buy Maestro Stefano Anselmo's books with a 50% discount
- You will get a certified attestation of participation

The main requirements to be able to access the path are the age of majority, a high school diploma of any address, passion and predisposition to work in a team.

You can choose when to start your training from Monday to Friday, from 9:00 to 17:00.

  • Expertise Stefano Anselm's Method certified
  • A Certificate with international legal value (ISO 9001/2015 Sector EA37)
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