Annual Course


New edition of highly professionalizing Milan make up artist course

The Make Up & Hair Designer Course offered by Stefano Anselmo Academy is highly professionalizing and includes a complete curriculum concentrated in just 9 months. Upon completion, the student will be able to recreate any type of make-up, from natural to more sophisticated and complicated. 

The course is totally practical and geared toward entering the world of work-in fact, 87 percent of Academy students, upon completion of the course, immediately find work at backstage fashion shows and photo shoots, in television studios or programs, in make-up companies or in large cosmetic houses.

What does the Make Up Artist do?

The Make Up Artist is a professional who works in the world of fashion, entertainment and at cosmetic companies. She analyzes the client's needs, skin, and facial physiognomy and creates customized make ups. She also provides beauty advice on the use of make-up products. This figure is increasingly in demand in the working world, and the average salary ranges from 1,000 euros to 4,500 euros net per month.

What are the professional outlets?

Once you finish the course you will be able to work at fashion houses, boutiques, as a freelance consultant, open your own startup and work on your own brand. Specifically, you will be able to deal with all professions related to the world of make-up and related to image.

Who is Stefano Anselmo?

ACCADEMIA STEFANO ANSELMO is the Makeup Academy par excellence, founded by Maestro Stefano Anselmo, a makeup artist with more than 55 years of career and creator of all the training methods used in the world Make-Up and Beauty scene.

Stefano Anselmo's Method is the basis of all aesthetics schools and Make-Up academies; moreover, its entire series of books and text manuals provide didactic support recognized by hundreds of structures.

The Annual Make-Up Artist and Hair Designer Course is an educational pathway that offers solid and complete professional training, thanks to the level of specificity and completeness of the programs and the support of a consolidated teaching methodology based on the Stefano Anselmo Method. The course program is preparatory to specializations that open doors to the world of fashion and entertainment.

Why enroll in Stefano Anselmo Academy's Make Up course in Milan?

- The Stefano Anselmo Academy is the Make-Up Academy par excellence, founded by Maestro Stefano Anselmo, a makeup artist with more than 55 years of career and creator of all the training methods used in the worldwide Make-Up and Beauty scene.
– Percorso di studio su misura: fin dal primo giorno di corso tutti gli studenti verranno seguiti da vicino dai docenti e potranno confrontarsi con un contesto molto stimolante.
- Unique professional opportunities: thanks to the relationship that The Academy has with companies and institutions in the Lombardy region, you will have the opportunity to participate in numerous extra-curricular projects and to carry out practical internships, with the possibility of placement on the staff, at some of the major fashion and cosmetics houses in the city of Milan.
- Certification with international validity: The Study Paths are accredited by the Lombardy Region, and according to current legal provisions, a Certificate of Professional Competence is issued with the Lombardy Region logo valid in Italy, Europe and for titles and degrees in the rest of the world, as a qualification recognized through the EQF (European Qualification Framework) system.

The Annual Course of Professional Make Up Artist (professional makeup artist) is a course that aims to train professionals who can respond to the multiple demands of the market, address and implement collaborations with the fashion world (thanks to the synergy with IFDA Italian Fashion & Design Academy), of entertainment and major cosmetics brands.

The 9 months program, divided between classroom lectures, laboratory, educational outings ed field activities, provides comprehensive and specific all-round preparation.

The course is characterized by engaging practical and theoretical lessons in the classroom, which is accompanied by the opportunity to participate in workshops and seminars held by professionals in the sector who have made Make-Up their creed.

Obviously there will be visits to all the fairs and events such as Milan Fashion Week that will give a plus to your training.

Participation in all these activities during academic hours is mandatory, while after hours it is optional but absolutely recommended, precisely because they are unique and unrepeatable opportunities to put into practice what you study in the classroom.

The main requirements to be able to access the path are the age of majority, a high school diploma of any address, passion and predisposition to work in a team.

Admission to the course is determined by an interview where it is necessary to present a motivational letter describing what drives the candidate to undertake the course of study. If you pass the interview, the teaching secretary will contact the candidate to provide all the information for registration.

Inizio: Ottobre 2023 Fine: Giugno 2024

Attendance is mandatory for at least 80% of the total hours provided by the program, useful for receiving the final certificate. Lessons take place on site in this way:

  • Tuesday, Thursday and Friday lessons from 9.00 to 13.00
  • Wednesday lessons from 9.00 to 16.00
  • Monday free day

+ MASTER of extra specialization LASH AND EYEBROW LAMINATION (Optional)

The study plan includes:

  • Beauty Corrective Make-Up: Knowledge of corrective makeup is the only way to access makeup for film, theater, fashion, etc. The most advanced strategies and illusory effects to mitigate imperfections and enhance the person: how to ovalize a face, parade the jaws or nose, enlarge the lips and eyes. An indispensable course for students and those who wish to improve their professional level.
  • Drawing
  • Artistic Make-Up: Makeup artistry is the discipline that allows you to express yourself with all your creativity and imagination. However, it should be kept in mind that drawing on the face is not like drawing on paper because while a sheet of paper is flat, the human face is three-dimensional and lines and shades will be altered. Our program teaches how to avoid this drawback.
  • Cosmetology: The basics of cosmetology are indispensable for a true make-up professional who knows, for example, how to use water-soluble or water-resistant cosmetics as appropriate or to prepare a new shade extemporaneously. A set of notions that allow one to choose the right product without being influenced by advertising propaganda.
  • Digital Make-Up (Photoshop): Today, to create new looks even makeup artists make use of digital retouching programs, to suggest a different eyebrow or lip design, to suggest a new hairstyle, to remedy imperfect photographs, or to create artistic images.
  • Theatrical Make-Up: This is a very fascinating type of makeup that allows with just a few strokes to transform the actor into the character of the day. Essential is knowledge of anatomy in order to know how to insert strokes and chiaroscuro in a way that does not clash with facial expressions.
  • Make-Up Epochs: Since time immemorial, when designing a collection, designers have been inspired by styles as far back as several centuries. In each collection, references to the past are evident. Makeup and hairstyling also undergo the same kind of influence. Hence the need for in-depth knowledge of fundamental styles from the 1920s to the 1980s.
  • Cine TV Make-Up: The program includes basic information on performing proper makeup for the small and big screen, including small impromptu special effects such as bruises, cuts, scars, and application of the cap to simulate a glabrous skull.
  • Fashion Make-Up: Makeup fashion means being able to anticipate new trends and create something super modern. Our program is designed to help the student untangle the complex world of fashion.
  • Bridal Make-Up and Photography
  • Ethnic Make-Up: In our multi-ethnic society, the skilled Make-Up Artist must know how to make-up all skin types with equal ease. The result is a topical course aimed at acquainting students with techniques and secrets for enhancing new morphological proportions and the infinite variables of complexion, scarring and aging problems and, most important, the behavior of colors on skins of different shades.
  • Hair Styling
  • Beauty English
  • Diploma of Make-Up Artist & Hair Designer with international legal value
  • Certificate of professional competence from the Lombardy Region

The Study Paths are accredited by the Lombardy Region, and based on the provisions of the law in force; a Certificate of professional competence is issued with the Lombardy Region logo valid in Italy, Europe and for qualifications and degrees in the rest of the world, as a qualification recognized through the EQF system (European Qualification Framework - European Qualifications Framework).